coach supervision

“Supervision is a place where a living profession breathes and learns….supervision can be a very important part of taking care of oneself, staying open to new learning, and an indispensable part of the coach’s ongoing self-development, self-awareness and commitment to learning”

Hawkins & Shohet

for the individual coach…

idcoach can offer 1-2-1 supervision for you as a practising coach. Supervision might typically explore…

  • the coach and their practice with challenge, support and feedback from the supervisor in support of their client work
  • the development of the coach’s practice with new perspectives, input and exploration
  • the client and the (organisational and other) systems in which they operate
  • the coach and the (organisational and other) systems in which they operate
  • the impact of those systems on the client, the coach and their relationship
  • the supervisor’s own process within the sessions
  • the supervisor’s relationship with the coach and their practice; the parallel process of the supervision relationship and how that might inform the coach client relationship
  • exploration and illumination of the conscious and unconscious relationship ‘postures’ the coach might take with their clients
  • ethical dilemmas and assurance

idcoach can also offer group supervision for you as a practising coach. Groups typically have four to six coaches in them. Group supervision might typically explore…

  • all of the above, but with the added value of shared experience and input from other coaches in the group
  • the system of your work using other coaches in the group to represent parts of that system in a 3D map or Constellation

Steve at idcoach runs supervision groups each month.

New supervision group starting 2022

in support of internal organisational coaching…

If you have internal coaches working in your organisation, how do you

  • keep them and their clients safe?
  • ensure they are working to an ethical and legal framework?
  • ensure the quality of their coaching continues to develop?
  • support them to reflect on and develop their coaching practice?

idcoach have 12 years experience offering individual or group supervision for internal coaches, working with major organisations such as GSK, John Lewis, BBC, Royal College of Nursing, Civil Service.

idcoach can support you in designing an approach to supervision for your internal coaches, including offering a fully accredited supervision training programme should you wish to develop your own supervisors.

If you’re interested, please contact us here

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