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Join us for an introduction to the stance, principles and practice of systemic constellations

September 26th (pm) – Reading, Berkshire. Book here

idcoach limited in association with Trusted Coach Directory are pleased to offer an opportunity to explore the hidden dynamics of people and organisational systems.  When two or more people come together, an often invisible dynamic occurs. In more complex relationships, such as families or within organisations (culture) this dynamic can be a powerful hidden force.

This event will suit:-

  • coaches, looking to explore their client relationship or the systemic forces their client might be experiencing
  • coaching or counselling supervisors, supporting their supervisees explore the dynamics of relationships
  • those who work in organisations and are curious about inter-departmental, leadership or cultural dynamics, particularly at times of change
  • people simply curious about a relationship that seems ‘difficult’.

This experiential afternoon learning event is aimed at introducing the stance, principles and practice of Systemic Coaching and Constellations.

Developed through the work of Bert Hellinger, exploring family systems, this is not a new model or a different way of coaching, it is a stance, a perspective that offers new insight into the hidden dynamics of the system. As such it is something you can incorporate into your existing coaching approach.

Working as a systemic coach… “goes further than simply recognising the complexities of systems, it offers a visceral experience of that complexity and a new road to resolution” David Clutterbuck

This afternoon event will be an experiential training and will:

● explore the organising principles of relationship systems 

● introduce you to the stance, principles and practices of this way of working 

● give attendees the opportunity to experience embodied constellations 

● offer an insight into how you might integrate this way of working into your coaching 

● introduce a practical application through mapping 

● highlight additional learning opportunities in this area

This event is the first of a series envisaged by idcoach and TCD, offering coaches the opportunity to network and learn together with a variety of coaching related topics.

The event is open to a maximum of 20 attendees on a first come first served basis.

This event will be run by Steve Ridgley, founder of idcoach limited. Steve is a TCD coach, supervisor and trainer. He has trained with John Whittington one of the leading practitioners of this way of working and author of “Systemic Coaching and Constellations”. He has also supported John on his trainings.are pleased to offer a CPD event for coaches, aimed at introducing the principles, stance and practice of Systemic Coaching and Constellations.

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