our philosophy

what brings us to this space?

Much of our learning throughout our lives is similar in nature. We learn about things.

At school we learn such things as processes like long division, techniques like grammar, or we expand our knowledge of the world, learning about the history of ancient civilisations or how our landscapes form. We move on to college or university, where we deepen our learning and specialise in a smaller knowledge field.

Throughout this learning journey, we learn in batches. Grouped by age or ability at school, grouped by subject or discipline at college or university. In the workplace our learning is again delivered by batch methods; either batched around our skillset, the role of the team or, perhaps because we have grown into a management or leadership role and we need to learn how to do these things around here. Some learning is in the classroom, some online, some on the job, but always what we learn is in service of the skills or knowledge to do our job or earlier in our lives to reach levels of examination and accreditation which support us in attaining such roles.

Our belief here at idcoach is that learning can be more personal. Not focused on learning ‘things’, but more in service of learning about ourselves. We are unique after all.

What if, at school, we taught children to understand their emotions, to monitor and manage their own state, to understand and nurture their mental health, to explore their behaviours and to build relationships?

What if that learning style continued into the workplace? Not at the expense of skills training, but in service of a greater awareness of self and of others? To learn to be able to express our emotions, to describe what drives our behaviours and to be more tolerant of others and their differences? To be able to explore together what success means for us all individually, or what frustration is and how we experience it? To be able to explore our map of the world and be curious about the maps of others?

This idea drives our work.

Steve, founder and director of idcoach limited

where our philosophy takes us…

We have had the good fortune to work with like-minded people building high quality internal coaching capability at John Lewis, GSK, BBC, BA, Deloitte, RCN, Civil Service Learning, Help for Heroes and Aviva.

Coaching is a personal learning experience. It is a learning opportunity exclusively and entirely focussed on you, the coachee. We offer 1-2-1 coaching and also support coaches through the process of supervision to learn more about themselves – the idea of ‘self as instrument’.

We have worked with numerous organisations to develop workshops and team experiences which serve to support individuals in developing their learning agility and self awareness. We find that the team benefits hugely too, with team members more respectful and supportive of colleagues, more curious rather than judgemental.

Steve was awarded Coaching at Work magazine’s Internal Coach of the Year in 2017 and selected as one of the UK’s top 50 coaches by Corporate Vision magazine in 2018.

He currently works with key academics, accreditation bodies and organisations in the Future of Coaching Collaboration (FCC) to champion internal coaching as an integral and equally worthy part of our coaching profession and a prerequisite of a modern learning organisation.

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