our philosophy

as an independent coach and supervisor

For me coaching operates at three levels.

  • It is goal focused; the client brings a goal and the coaching relationship facilitates them achieving that goal.
  • More importantly though, coaching is a process of learning and one that offers growth, self awareness and personal choice for the client, often way beyond the scope of their original goal.
  • But a third deeper level, and for me the most significant, is that coaching is a process of connection at the most human of levels – to be truly seen and heard by another human being for all your qualities, strengths and struggles remains for me a most precious gift as a client; also a truly humbling experience and an incredible privilege as a coach.

I take a systemic, client centred approach and encourage my clients and supervisees to work physically as well cognitively.

Fundamentally, I believe in people. As such my approach to coaching and to supervision might be considered to be rooted in a humanistic perspective, as opposed to one which champions behaviourism or cognitivism for example.

Steve, founder and director of idcoach limited

in support of internal coaching

“I founded this business because having set up an internal coaching operation at the John Lewis Partnership, I wanted more businesses to be supported in creating their own internal coaching capability.”

Steve Ridgley, founder and director of idcoach

At idcoach we believe that internal coaches need to operate at the same professional level and to the same professional standards as any external coach.

We believe coaches working internally in an organisation can be just as effective, just as capable, just as impactful and just as professional as externally hired coaches.

At idcoach our aim is to champion the internal coach and the creation and development of sound coaching practice within organisations.

We believe a coaching approach to leading and managing in your organisation can change the way you do business.

idcoach are specialists focusing on internal coaches and internal coaching.

where our philosophy takes us…

We have had the good fortune to work with like-minded people building high quality internal coaching capability at GSK, BBC, BA, Deloitte, RCN, Civil Service Learning, Help for Heroes and Aviva.

Steve was awarded Coaching at Work magazine’s Internal Coach of the Year in 2017 and selected as one of the UK’s top 50 coaches by Corporate Vision magazine in 2018.

He currently works with key academics, accreditation bodies and organisations in the Future of Coaching Collaboration (FCC) to champion internal coaching as an integral and equally worthy part of our coaching profession.

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