Are you asking yourself one or more of these questions?

  • How do I create a coaching culture in my organisation?
  • I want to develop an internal coaching capability … but where do I start?
  • How can I save money on executive coaching but retain all the benefits?
  • How do I get the benefits of coaching felt by more of my employees, without blowing the budget?
  • How do I help my employees to reach their full potential?
  • How do I raise the bar for my existing internal coaches? Professionalise, support and develop their practice?
  • How do I support my leaders and managers to take a coaching approach to their roles and be better able to coach and develop their teams?

at idcoach we can offer a full range of professional development and support for your internal coaches – whether it be bespoke internal coach training, ongoing development and CPD programmes, supervision for your coaches to enhance and build their coaching practice, or even coaching your coaches.

at idcoach we believe that internal coaches add both individual and organisational value to your business – we can guide you in maximising both, balancing the needs of the hidden dynamics of your organisational system.

Our services…

coach training

At idcoach our training is designed to develop coaches to work professionally, effectively and ethically within their organisation. It is designed alongside you with your organisation in mind.


“Supervision is a place where a living profession breathes and learns …” – idcoach can offer both 1-2-1 supervision and group supervision supporting and developing your internal coaches.


Ongoing professional development as a coach is vital to developing a professional practice. At idcoach we can support you creating and delivering your own CPD for your internal coaches.


Good coaches have coaches … but where do you go for a coach when your practice is internal? To a colleague, a peer? We specialise in coaching for your internal coaches.


We understand the complexities of the hidden system and can guide you in setting up your internal coaching to respond and generate ease and flow in your organisation.

our philosophy

We believe coaches working internally in an organisation can be just as effective, just as capable, just as professional and just as impactful as externally hired coaches.