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as a leader seeking to build coaching capability in your organisation, you may be asking yourself…

  • I want to develop an internal coaching capability … but how do I start?
  • I really see the benefits of coaching but can I afford coaches for everyone?
  • I want my employees to reach their full potential, but how?
  • How do I begin to build a coaching culture in my organisation?

True, you could simply send some of your team on a training programme. There is a plethora of great coach training out there.  Most is targeted at people setting out to run their own coaching business. As a consequence, much of this training ignores …

  • the value, insight and feedback internal coaching can offer your organisation about your people or culture
  • the cost for an organisation seeking to create an internal coaching capability
  • the impact on the day job from increased self awareness and from application of new coaching skills in everyday work interaction
  • the systemic impact on your organisation that having an internal coaching capability can bring about
  • the ethical issues that can occur within an organisation
  • the value coach training can have up-skilling your employees as learners
  • how to become an effective supervisee – a vital ingredient for the development of a coach’s capability and their safe practice
  • the notion of community amongst your internal coaches and building a community of practice

At idcoach we view this differently and offer affordable bespoke training for internal coaches

At idcoach our training recognises the role and context for the internal coach, right from the start

At idcoach our training is designed to develop coaches to work professionally, effectively and ethically within their organisation

At idcoach our bespoke training is designed with you and your organisation in mind. We will work with your trainers and coaches so that you have a sustainable cost effective programme you can run and re-run

idcoach can work with you to fully accredit the training with the Association for Coaching

If you’re interested in developing and running accredited coach training for your coaches, please contact us here

for the individual coach

At idcoach, we run workshops for coaches on a variety of topics. All are experiential rather than purely theoretical. You will get to meet and work with other independent coaches. Find out more about our continuous professional development (cpd) offer here

To see our workshop schedule, check out our diary here

If you’re interested, please contact us here

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