podcast – lifting the lid on coaching supervision

The podcast

Steve, here at idcoach, records a weekly podcast with Clare Norman (author, supervisor and coach). They discuss questions coaches may have as they ‘lift the lid’ on coaching supervision.

Questions such as…

How is supervision different to coaching?
Group supervision, 1-2-1 supervision, peer supervision, mentor coaching – which do I choose?
What should I take to supervision?
Am I resourced enough to coach?
Can I talk about my business with my supervisor?
Am I in a rut as a coach?
Am I leading my client?
Is the goal everything?

… and much much more.

Steve and Clare, both experienced coaches and coach supervisors, are passionate about the value that comes from supervision. In this podcast they chat, swap anecdotes and challenge each other as they share their experiences, knowledge, wisdom and insight exploring what supervision is, what it isn’t, what it’s like, how you might show up, what you might bring and how to get the most out of supervision.

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As coaches we often have a third party involved who is not the client. This might be HR, L&D, Talent, the line manager or the hiring budget holder. This leads sometimes to tripartite or additional conversations for coaches. In this episode Clare and Steve explore the ways in which this topic emerges in supervision and how the industry doesn’t always prepare coaches for these additional conversations
Clare and Steve explore mentor coaching. What is it and how does it work?
Recordings, transcripts, competency based feedback, one to one or in groups.
Clare and Steve discuss what we as coaches are responsible for. Sometimes we see ourselves as a service provider, or we seek to ‘over-help’ or even save our clients. Could useful be a better way to be than helpful? Can we spot our own patterns?
Clare and Steve explore what might be stopping coaches from coming to supervision.  They explore time and cost; but is supervision just an expense or is it about understanding what value can be gained?   How do we decide to invest in ourselves and do we make the same choices when attending a course or webinar as we do when opting in or out of supervision?
Clare and Steve discuss the differences and similarities between coaching and supervision. They explore the roles and the knowledge supervisor and coach take to their practice using the metaphor of a cairn of stones. They discuss the relationship between coach and supervisor and the place for reflexivity in the learning journey.
Clare and Steve explore whether it is ok to bring commercial or business related questions to supervision.  As a coach, can I talk about the balance of my work or about my business set up in supervision?  Can I discuss the challenge of turning my coaching into a profitable business, or talk about my marketing with my supervisor? Should I bring to supervision choices that I make to win business, even if I know that they might not be entirely ethical?  Where is the boundary?
In episode 9, Clare and Steve explore how we as coaches might get stuck in familiar ‘ruts’.  Do we coach similar clients in similar locations, in similar ways?  What stops us experimenting? What part does our personal history and consequent alignment to risk taking or familiarity play?  When you think about doing something new or unfamiliar, do you begin by asking what might be lost … or what might be gained? Supervision can help us to flourish and not be held back by learned patterns and old identities.
In episode 8, Steve and Clare explore how we as coaches might manage our own energy levels and resource ourselves, as they continue to develop the ‘restorative’ aspects of what to take to supervision. They discuss energy and touch on areas such as self doubt, celebration and success.
In episode 7, Steve and Clare continue to develop the theme of what to take to supervision. Their focus this time is on the ‘formative’ element – the learning that can take place.
In episode 6, Steve and Clare develop the theme of what to take to supervision. We talk further about those ‘normative’ aspects which ensure our work is ethical and professional. We explore boundaries between coaching and counselling, accounting for organisational rules and procedures, as well as safety
In episode 5, Steve and Clare explore what we might bring to supervision as a supervisee.
They cover boundaries, conflicts of interest, confidentiality, collusion, successes and much more. They also explore what it means to show up as a supervisee, with our client work in service of that rather than instead of that.
So, you have a supervision session approaching – maybe your first, maybe not? How do you prepare for your supervision?
In episode 4 Steve and Clare discover they have a very different approach. As supervisors they share how they might help their supervisees to ‘check in’ and be fully present for the supervision.
In episode 3 Steve and Clare share their own stories of their first experience of coaching supervision as novice coaches; they go on to explore peer supervision, co-coaching, supervision ‘lite’, group supervision and one to one supervision so that you can plan a route into supervision that’s right for you.
In episode 2, Steve explores the origins of supervision and he and Clare use that to inform a conversation about the reflective safe space supervision offers, resourcing the coach whilst offering learning and wisdom. They debunk the idea that supervision is simply about policing the coach’s work
Introducing this podcast series, Steve Ridgley and Clare Norman discuss their experiences of Coaching Supervision – good and bad! They discuss how coaches make the most from supervision, how to help them to understand what it feels like and the kind of things you might bring to supervision. Helping you to get underneath the surface so you get a better picture of what supervision is, what it isn’t and how to make the most of it. Two experienced coach supervisors, lifting the lid on coaching supervision

Joining a supervision group or working with Steve 1-2-1

If you are interested in joining a supervision group with Steve, or working 1-2-1 with him, contact him here to discuss what would work for you.

Podcast feedback

Also, we would love to hear from you if you have a topic you would like to hear Steve and Clare explore in a future podcast episode.

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