podcast – lifting the lid on coaching supervision

The podcast

Steve, here at idcoach, records a weekly podcast with Clare Norman (author, supervisor and coach). They discuss questions coaches may have as they ‘lift the lid’ on coaching supervision.

Questions such as…

How is supervision different to coaching?
Group supervision, 1-2-1 supervision, peer supervision, mentor coaching – which do I choose?
What should I take to supervision?
Am I resourced enough to coach?
Can I talk about my business with my supervisor?
Am I in a rut as a coach?
Am I leading my client?
Is the goal everything?

… and much much more.

Steve and Clare, both experienced coaches and coach supervisors, are passionate about the value that comes from supervision. In this podcast they chat, swap anecdotes and challenge each other as they share their experiences, knowledge, wisdom and insight exploring what supervision is, what it isn’t, what it’s like, how you might show up, what you might bring and how to get the most out of supervision.

Join us. Listen here, or subscribe with your favourite podcast provider.

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Joining a supervision group or working with Steve 1-2-1

If you are interested in joining a supervision group with Steve, or working 1-2-1 with him, contact him here to discuss what would work for you.

Podcast feedback

Also, we would love to hear from you if you have a topic you would like to hear Steve and Clare explore in a future podcast episode.

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