coaching testimonial

I worked with Steve when I was facing into the possibility of redundancy. I went to him adamant that I wanted to get myself into the best possible position to secure a role in the new structure by confronting some deeply held limiting beliefs.

From the initial chemistry meeting via Skype, Steve and I built a great rapport. Always checking that I was comfortable with our surroundings and the intensity of his questioning, Steve helped me to delve deep inside myself and to confront the reality that I’d hidden from myself – I was ready to move on and leave my current employer. I liken the process to diving into the sea looking for pearls with Steve as the rock I was attached to. By really listening to me, Steve helped me to challenge myself and select a different viewpoint, indeed there were occasions when I’d respond to one of his questions and be surprised by my answer, not knowing I felt that way until I articulated it.

Personable, caring, focussed and challenging, Steve helped me to change the course of my life for the better. I’m very grateful to him and would recommend anyone to work with him in a heartbeat. It was a privilege to get to work with him.