for leaders and senior managers

Here at idcoach we offer coaching for individual leaders.

With fourteen years experience working with board members and department heads, delivering real and lasting personal growth. We have experience in the retail, pharma, media, finance, farming, medical, education, consulting, transport and charity sectors.

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in support of internal coaching

If you have, or are building, an internal coaching capability, you’ll have internal coaches, but

  • where do those coaches go for a coach when your practice is internal?
  • how might you provide mentor coaching?
  • how are you developing and widening your coaches experience and practice?

Good coaches have coaches, so idcoach specialise in coaching for internal coaches.

for individuals

We work with people one to one;  people seeking to understand their truth and to find freedom, happiness, hope, fulfilment, success or peace. Sometimes they are seeking meaning – who are they and what will their legacy be?  Sometimes they are seeking a new direction and sometimes they simply feel stuck, overwhelmed, anxious or are lacking in confidence.

If you’re interested, please contact us here

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