coach training and professional development

for those looking to develop internal organisational coaching capability …

There are many training courses for coaches. Most are designed for people setting out to run their own coaching business.

at idcoach we view this differently and offer affordable bespoke training designed specifically for internal coaches

At idcoach our training recognises the role and context for the internal coach, right from the start.

At idcoach our training is designed to develop coaches to work professionally, effectively and ethically within their organisation.

At idcoach our bespoke training is designed with you and your organisation in mind. We will work with your trainers and coaches so that you have a sustainable cost effective programme you can run and re-run.

idcoach can work with you to fully accredit the training with the Association for Coaching .

If you’re interested in developing and running accredited coach training for your coaches, please contact us here

for independent coaches …

idcoach offers regular workshops to build on your cpd.

These include such topics as

  • working with the system / systemic constellations
  • neuro linguistic programming (nlp)
  • working content free
  • working with images and metaphor
  • working outside in nature…

To see our workshop schedule, check out our diary here

If you’re interested in exploring cpd options, please contact us here

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