podcast – lifting the lid on coaching supervision

Are you a coach who has yet to experience supervision?

Have you tried supervision, but found it didn’t deliver for you?

Do you want to get more value from working with a coach supervisor?

Do you just have unanswered questions about what it’s like and what to take?

Check out the new weekly podcast with Steve Ridgley and fellow supervisor Clare Norman as they lift the lid on coaching supervision, offering experience, insight and simple guidance on how to get more from coaching supervision.

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Clare and Steve are joined by Julia Menaul for an exploration of grief, loss, death and bereavement; Julia, a master coach, director of AOCS and an author. Together our podcasters explore our personal, societal and cultural relationships to death. They also discuss how grief and loss come in many more guises – be it loss of job, divorce, the pandemic, and also perceived positive experiences which can equally carry a sense of loss, such as retirement, marriage, birth.
Clare and Steve explore what they mean when they refer to the system as it might show up in coaching and supervision. They explore the hidden dynamic and architecture of relationships, not just between people but between individuals and abstract constructs such as the future. They discuss nested systems, family systems, professional and organisational systems and how to bring awareness to the unconscious.
Steve is a systemic coach and constellations practitioner
Clare and Steve continue to build on the lockdown series of podcasts by exploring the nature of vulnerability and its place in supervision. Our podcasters explore the negative connotation that comes with being vulnerable and, using Brené Brown’s work, explore the need for connection and fear of disconnection that drives us to hide vulnerability or a fear being truly vulnerable.
Clare and Steve explore emotions and feelings arising in coaching and supervision. Supervision provides an alternative space in which to unpack an emotional response and to acknowledge what is, as well as providing the opportunity to begin to widen our knowledge and language around our own emotions.  How is ‘irritated’ different from ‘frustrated’, for me?  This period of lockdown has created new emotional experiences and unless we resource ourselves as coaches, we cannot show up fully in the coaching relationship.
Clare and Steve build on the lockdown metaphor to explore the imperative that we bring all of ourselves to supervision. How are we impacted in all the dimensions of our lives by lockdown and the pandemic?  How is it impacting our thinking, our body, our behaviour, our emotions?  They propose that supervision isn’t just about the client and the coaching work but is more systemic. Bringing the whole of ourselves means considering all of the systems and contexts we operate in, not just the systems the client is in.
Expanding the idea born from the lockdown that we seek to go back to normal, Clare and Steve instead see this as an opportunity for deep reflection and personal exploration of who we are becoming as a coach and as a human being.  What is accentuated by the lockdown experience, what new learning might we seek to retain in new possible futures and what might we need to discard?
Clare and Steve explore lockdown and the pandemic which has offered us perhaps one of the most widely shared experiences of our generation and yet also a deeply personal one. Our podcasters lift the lid on this and how, as a metaphor, it has brought new language, new awareness and new needs for human connection.  They relate these topics and more to the world of coaching and explore what is already turning up in supervision as well as hypothesising what we may see more of in 2021.
Clare and Steve explore tripartite meetings and the involvement of other third parties in coaching assignments.
They explore how this shows up in supervision.
Clare and Steve explore mentor coaching. What is it and how does it work?
Recordings, transcripts, competency based feedback, one to one or in groups.
Steve and Clare discuss what we are responsible for as coaches and what they see come to supervision which stretches this. They suggest useful might be a better way to be than helpful. They also tell stories that bring to life common mis-directed responsibilities coaches bring to supervision which, in turn, leads to a discussion about being responsible for our gut and intuition – the flip side of which might be not taking too much responsibility for not following them always.  A truly useful exploration of a topic relevant to all coaches and supervisors.
Clare and Steve explore what might be stopping coaches from coming to supervision.  They explore time and cost; but is supervision just an expense or is it about understanding what value can be gained?   How do we decide to invest in ourselves and do we make the same choices when attending a course or webinar as we do when opting in or out of supervision?
Clare and Steve discuss the differences and similarities between coaching and supervision. They explore the roles and the knowledge supervisor and coach take to their practice using the metaphor of a cairn of stones. They discuss the relationship between coach and supervisor and the place for reflexivity in the learning journey.
Clare and Steve explore whether it is ok to bring commercial or business related questions to supervision.  As a coach, can I talk about the balance of my work or about my business set up in supervision?  Can I discuss the challenge of turning my coaching into a profitable business, or talk about my marketing with my supervisor? Should I bring to supervision choices that I make to win business, even if I know that they might not be entirely ethical?  Where is the boundary?
In episode 9, Clare and Steve explore how we as coaches might get stuck in familiar ‘ruts’.  Do we coach similar clients in similar locations, in similar ways?  What stops us experimenting? What part does our personal history and consequent alignment to risk taking or familiarity play?  When you think about doing something new or unfamiliar, do you begin by asking what might be lost … or what might be gained? Supervision can help us to flourish and not be held back by learned patterns and old identities.
Clare and Steve explore the restorative elements of supervision
Clare and Steve explore the formative elements of supervision
In this episode, Clare and Steve lift the lid on the normative aspects of supervision
What should I bring to supervision? Clare and Steve lift the lid…
Preparing for supervision and checking in to the session – what’s that about?
Clare and Steve explore the various ways coaches can engage in supervision
As it says… supervision. What is it?
Meet Clare and Steve, our podcasters, as they outline what this podcast will be about

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